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pet travel box with ventilation and water bowl

Wooden pet travel box


Wooden pet boxes made to your specifications.

Need a pet box to send a pet overseas, or a crate to ship your products? Our Factory makes boxes and crates to suit your needs. Benefit from fantastic savings on dog grooming derby , just by taking a look at These pet boxes, cat boxes and dog boxes are perfect for moving pets overseas.

We are based in Gauteng - if you are a box maker from another province - let me know and I will send you enquiries.

Made from durable strong wood laminate, our wooden crates are the answer to your needs.


Tool boxes, toy boxes, utility boxes, pet transport boxes.

Wooden shipping crates built to specification. Container loading and stuffing: Strapped, lashed and secured.

When sending a pet overseas you will need a container that is well ventilated, has a water bowl and is strong enough to withstand the trip.

We make these custom pet cabins to ensure that your dog or cat is well protected and has enough air and water. We can make a cabin in a few days, and we have the contacts to send your pet overseas.

Whether it is a budgie or sheep we have the solution for you. Whether you want to send your kitten to New york or to Cape Town these pet boxes are the answer.

We also make boxes for many other uses - need a crate for a special piece of equipment - no hassle - send us the measurements - or even better, bring the item, and we'll make sure that it is secure and rigid in the crate.

Old boxes can be made into toys - our toys made out of wood are made from rubber trees and painted with ecological paint, it offer kids and parents an unique playing concept as the brciks are interlocking , but can take out easily. It stimulates child's creativeness and social skills

We have been supplying animal travel boxes to the industry for years - Animal Travel Agencies has used our wooden boxes extensively to ship pets world wide.

Chicken Shack - a company manufacturing poultry equipment has us make up wooden boxes for their power heads and specialized equipment. These items are moved around Africa over some of the worst roads in the world. The crates keep the equipment completely safe.

We transport animals in the boxes, cats, dogs, and all pets need to travel when you do. Out Key words are crates, packaging, pet transport, livestock crates, wooden boxes, animal transport, toy boxes, utility boxes, animal travel boxes, cat transport, dog transport, equipment boxes, custom made boxes,moving pets, animal travel, animal transport

We use strong wooden laminate for the construction of our boxes. The wood is weather protected and treated to pass overseas wooden export laws. These pet boxes, cat boxes and dog boxes are perfect for moving pets overseas. Boxes for Pet airlines.


Wooden boxes are based in Gauteng.

If you are a box maker based anywhere else in S. A. - send me your details - I am getting queries from people in Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. I will pass these leads on to you.


Happy Hounds Wooden Dog Crates and Travel boxes

Standard IATA regulation sized dog and cat travel boxes, and custom made dog crates, for training and home use - custom made, varnished and personalised if required.
Boxes need a lead time of a week to make and are supplied in and around Natal - Delivery can be arranged.

Mandy 084 397 2550, email